The aim of the eComLab project is to help small Finnish online shops to internationalize and create an operation model for an internationally recognized eCommerce expertise center into the metropolitan area. The project improves the metropolitan area’s companies’ competitiveness by applying various digital solutions. Piloting enables small businesses to enter big markets.

The project is executed in following stages:
1. international benchmarking of similar eComLabs
2. analyzing the current situation of the companies
3. selecting internationalization strategies and solutions and making a deeper analysis of the chosen pilot companies
4. outcomes, conclusions and modelling of the pilots
5. developing and concepting of the eComLab operation model and the expertise center

As a short-term outcome the project creates different ways for Finnish online stores to internationalize. Networking, sharing know-how and learning from each other also have an important role in the project. As a long-term outcome, the project increases experience, knowledge and know-how of the companies and students. This gives a possibility for the universities of applied sciences to grow the number of online shop experts and improve our expertise in international online shops. The project promotes the development of an eComLab expertise center into the metropolitan area. The eComLab operation model is concepted during the project and the expertise center’s start-up and future will be agreed on in the end of the project.

Time: 1 October 2017 – 30 May 2019
Coordinator: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Partners: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
Funding: European Union, European Regional Development Fund